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Stores and other business creations of Filipino Persons with Disabilities that are for sale

Silent Woodcraft


Silent Woodcraft is owned and managed by Ms.  Lovella Acuyong and Mr. Kent Zurbano. Both of them are deaf gifted with talents and skills in arts and craft. They produce an array of wall decors and souvenir items made of wood like palo china and other materials[...] 

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Jose Dela Cruz

Jose and Mr. Good Samaritan

A local businessman-artist birthday gifted himself as a sudden inspiration, by inviting deaf teacher-artist and 2-time International Abilympics gold medallist Jose dela Cruz, to sketch friends and show his works in his party.  As his wish, Jose’s genius easily got noticed, but in a big way, by one man in particular,  This standout corporate young Good Samaritan (GM), from a super affluent family in the country, humbly told the interpreter after buying 2 paintings, “Please tell Lolo Jose not to forget me when he is already famous.” [...] 

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Kawit, Cavite Deaf Association

Products of Mr. Medel Ayran

Mr. Medel Ayran is from Binacayan, Kawit Cavite, a deaf entrepreneur engaged in sign language Tshirt Printing and some arts and crafts novelty items for sale in the Greenhills Christmas sale. His long time customers for the T-shirts prefer his quality material and designs and are often used as office give aways, particularl;y to foreigners.  He now owns Juri’s Store inherited from his late parents popularly known to their neighbors as “The Silent Sari-Sari Store”.  The store which he runs with another deaf partner has become a favorite in the neighborhood because of their quality service. Their deafness is no barrier to their customers since they make it up with their friendliness and graphic signs shown below. It is open 24 hours a day like a convenience store to accommodate neighbors on night shift jobs. [...] 

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AVRC I – DSWD Beads Accessories

The Area I Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Department of Social Welfare and Development provide rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities from Regions I, II, III and CAR. [...] 

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Pinoy Smile Craft

Pinoy Smile Crafts is owned and managed by Mr. Peter Ding D. Basa. A deaf gifted with talents and skills in arts and craft. He made Kraft & Paper Mache boxes & bags, Fruits Resin Magnet Refrigerator, Beads wallet and bags. [...] 

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PWD Webstore

PWD Webstore Logo

A portal that serves as an online mall for PWD Entrepreneurs where they can showcase their products or services worldwideweb. Through this link, the businesses of Persons with disabilities will be advertized and their products widely marketed and converted into revenues. This portal will also serve as a door for local/overseas investors interested to engage PWD partners/entrepreneurs. [...] 

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Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc.

Tahanang Walang Hagdnan Inc. Online Merchant

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit and non-government organization that aims to uplift the lives of the Orthopedically handicapped persons. It was founded by Sr. Valeriana Baerts, ICM. a Belgian nun who was assigned as a volunteer nurse here in the Philippines. The center is located in Cainta Rizal which is about 15 kms. East Manila. It has five workshops, six Dormitories for trainees who came from far provinces. It is a rehabilitation and skills training center with sheltered workshops where the people with disabilities are trained to be productive and self-reliant member of the society. [...] 

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