Category: Filipino Person With Disability

Brief background and description of famous Filipino person with disability

Jose Dela Cruz

Jose and Mr. Good Samaritan

A local businessman-artist birthday gifted himself as a sudden inspiration, by inviting deaf teacher-artist and 2-time International Abilympics gold medallist Jose dela Cruz, to sketch friends and show his works in his party.  As his wish, Jose’s genius easily got noticed, but in a big way, by one man in particular,  This standout corporate young Good Samaritan (GM), from a super affluent family in the country, humbly told the interpreter after buying 2 paintings, “Please tell Lolo Jose not to forget me when he is already famous.” [...] 

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Maria Gilda Quintua-Nakahara

In every business, we know that communications is crucial to make it in today’s cutting edge competition.  Maria Gilda Quintua-Nakahara who was born deaf was able to break in and create a niche uniquely her own, in the field of tourism.

As in Tom Peter’s Pursuit of WOW, Gilda started her travel and tour business, inspired by foreign deaf friends who came to bond with her and other deaf Pinoys amidst rich tourist spots in the country.  Her disability did not get in the way of making M.G.L.Q. Deaf Tour Assistance an outfit she started in 2004 known for fast and reliable tour arrangements for deaf and non-deaf tourists all over the world.  For Gilda’s trade secret (which she generously shares with anybody who asks) is quick, quality service and the “age old” warm Filipino hospitality. [...] 

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Estelita G. Juco

“A life well lived” best describes the life of Estelita Guinto Juco.

The devastating World War II totally changed this young and classy debutante’s life. A bomb explosion caused her damage in one eye and loss of an arm.  But even then, she was unfazed and driven to succeed. [...] 

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Fe Buangin Carranza

Photo of Ms. Fe Carranza

In one of the training on results-based management, monitoring and evaluation I conducted for the GREAT Women Project of the Philippine Commission on Women, I met one extraordinary woman entrepreneur by the name of Fe Buangin Carranza, 50, a polio victim since the age of 3, who has been awarded 2011 Outstanding Micro-entrepreneur of Naga City.  I conducted the training on monitoring and evaluation for the Metro Naga Development Council on March 28-30, 2012 at the Avenue Square Hotel in Naga City.  On the weekend after the training I decided to visit this outstanding lady entrepreneur of Naga City. [...] 

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Fatima Soriano

Seeing through the eyes of Fatima.

“Hello father”, a girl’s voice was heard over ZNN Radio Veritas’ broadcast of Fr. Jerry Orbos’s radio show one July 2003 night. The voice, nervy but resolute, talked about trusting in God’s grace and to be hopeful and joyful in spite of sufferings.  The voice came from a very fragile 10-year old, Fatima Soriano, blind at birth and suffering from the last stage of kidney failure. Fatima’s radio-phone interview did not only stir Father Jerry Orbos, but the priest’s audience as well. [...] 

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Arturo A. Borjal

Image of Art Borjal

The person’s willpower can help him ride through tough journeys in life. Take the case of the late Atty. Art A. Borjal. Despite the odds his disability carried, was able to master each field that he ventured into. Through all these, his bottom-line was constant – fighting for the dignity and rights of fellow Filipinos with disabilities.

Arturo Acosta Borjal was born on April 15, 1938 in La Paz, Abra. His mother carried him on her back just so he could go to school. In Ateneo de Manila University, he was the bespectacled brainy guy  with leg braces and crutches. Before he finished Law, he was the school paper’s Editor-in-Chief and President of the Debating Team and the Supreme Student Council. [...] 

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Apolinario Mabini

Picture of Apolinario Mabini

Disability struck in the life of Apolinario Mabini when he was in his 30’s at the prime of his life. But disability did not stop him to show his courage in the midst of revolutionary exigency during his time. With his physical limitations in the actual battlefield, Mabini armed himself with impressive mind, soul, and deep patriotism that made him a martyr to the cause of the country’s freedom.

Born on July 23, 1864 in Talaga, Tanauan, Batangas. He was the second of eight children of Dionisia Maranan and Inocencio Mabini, both of whom belonged to the impoverished peasantry. Despite of his poverty, Mabini was able to study in Manila. He began his studies at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in 1881 and received his law degree in 1894 from the University of Santo Tomas. To survive, he earned his living by teaching Latin and then serving as a copyist in the Court of First Instance in Manila. [...] 

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