Products of Mr. Medel Ayran

Mr. Medel Ayran is from Binacayan, Kawit Cavite, a deaf entrepreneur engaged in sign language Tshirt Printing and some arts and crafts novelty items for sale in the Greenhills Christmas sale. His long time customers for the T-shirts prefer his quality material and designs and are often used as office give aways, particularl;y to foreigners.  He now owns Juri’s Store inherited from his late parents popularly known to their neighbors as “The Silent Sari-Sari Store”.  The store which he runs with another deaf partner has become a favorite in the neighborhood because of their quality service. Their deafness is no barrier to their customers since they make it up with their friendliness and graphic signs shown below. It is open 24 hours a day like a convenience store to accommodate neighbors on night shift jobs.

It’s amazing that people in Binacayan have easily adopted with the Silent Store and said that it is to support Medel as a hardworking, helpful and respected PWD Entrepreneur. Certainly,  neither disability nor incapacity can stop such work excellence/success, for as long as he is determined to be productive and diligent.

It was on record that when he got fund assistance from SAUDIA Employees Association, he agreed to share the amount with two other budding entrepreneurs, who have later become his friends and business partners.