Jose and Mr. Good Samaritan

A local businessman-artist birthday gifted himself as a sudden inspiration, by inviting deaf teacher-artist and 2-time International Abilympics gold medallist Jose dela Cruz, to sketch friends and show his works in his party.  As his wish, Jose’s genius easily got noticed, but in a big way, by one man in particular,  This standout corporate young Good Samaritan (GM), from a super affluent family in the country, humbly told the interpreter after buying 2 paintings, “Please tell Lolo Jose not to forget me when he is already famous.”

His words so touched Jose and there was no stopping a mutual admiration society, sort of, between the two.  Parting with his 2 most intricate and “cherished” works, Lolo Jose knew Mr. GM  had the nose for masterpieces.  Still reeling from the compliments, Jose was given yet another message. “Tell him I will hang his works next to my Juan Luna and other famed masterpieces, please.”  This he did, when he invited Jose and the interpreter to his house weeks after.

The Interpreter, like Lolo Jose, was just as moved by the young man’s show of nobility and respect.  Once more, there was proof,  that disability is no barrier to excellence, and ingenuity.

Mr. GM was so moved by Lolo Jose and vows to help introduce his works to his friends.   

Note: To keep Mr. GM’s identity, we are showing his blurred image beside Lolo Jose, until he decides it is time to come forward.

Contact Info:

Name: Jose Dela Cruz

Contact Number: 09266896160

Address: Philippine School for the Deaf, Pasay City