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The creation of barrier free society of Persons with Disabilities in rural areas of the Philippines.

Asia Pacific Resource Center on Disability (APCD) Holds Knowledge Management Workshop for NCDA

Knowledge Management Training with Mr. Ryuhei Sano

International Cooperation at best.   APCD Information and Knowledge Management Manager Ryuhei Sano engages NCDA/Japan International Cooperating Agency (JICA) officers and staff in the KM Workshop held last June 6, 2012, focused on Video Documentation of the Non-Handicapping Environment (NHE) in Rural Areas.   With a storyboard as workshop outcome, this NCDA-APCD-JICA synergy aims to produce a brief but dramatic tool, to show NHE Project’s proofs of success, in most powerful way. [...] 

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Non-handicapping Environment


The population of PWDs in the Philippines is about 940,000 people (1.23% of the population at large) according to the census executed in 2000. However, if the estimate ratio 10% of World Health Organization (WHO) is applied, about 9.2 million people are PWDs in the Philippines as of 2010. The rights of PWDs in the Philippines have been covered by the enactment of the Philippine Republic Constitution in 1987, the promulgation of the Republic Act No. 7277 (alias “Magna Carta of Persons with Disabilities (Great charter)”) in 1992 and the promulgation of the Republic Act No. 9442 (articles of amendment on the Magna Carta) in 2007. [...] 

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