The Integrity Development Committee (IDC), in coordination with the Finance and Administrative Division, spearheaded the first-ever NCDA Retreat held on Holy Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at the NCDA Board Room.  The Retreat was highlighted by a film showing on “The Passion of the Christ” and discussion on “Jesus Christ as a Perfect Public Servant. It was attended by 46 officers and staff of the Council headed by Deputy Executive Director (D.E.D.) Mateo A. Lee, Jr., who also chairs the IDC.

DED Lee with Ms. Leovy Oasin


In his inspiration message, D.E.D. Lee expressed hope that by attending the Retreat, the staff can reflect how Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself to save Mankind.  He advised everybody to follow and trust God for salvation to carry their own cross/problems in life.


The attendees were tearly while watching the movie. They pondered the hardship of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary as they correlated on what are happening in the society nowadays.

The Passion of the Christ

NCDA StaffThe Passion of the Christ NCDA Staff







Immediately after the film showing, Ms. Medy Kapunan, Couples for Christ’s Lay Leader and Church of the Poor’s Sector Head, described Jesus Christ as a man and servant of action and how He went out of his comfort zone to serve the people.  She pointed out how Jesus Christ showed His affection to people in action and not just in words.  She enjoined everybody to read the “Gospel of Mark” and the New Testament to learn more about the teachings of the Lord


Ms. Kapunan said that the most important quality Jesus demonstrated was The Resource Speaker -  Ms. Kapunanobedience to His Father in Heaven.  His obedience was borne out of love, both for God and for us which He demonstrated everyday.  The Lay Leader also presented Jesus’ compassion for persons with disabilities (PWDs) such as the following:

  • Jesus heals the epileptics and paralytics (Matthew 4:24)
  • Jesus heals two blind men (Matthew 9:27)
  • Jesus heals man with the withered hand (Matthew 12:10-13)
  •  Jesus heals man who was both blind and mute (Matthew 12:22)
  • The lame, blind, crippled and many others are brought to Jesus (Matthew 15:29)
  • Blind Bartimaeus receives his sigh (Mark 10:46-52)
  • Jesus heals woman crippled for 18 years (Luke 13:10-17)
  • Jesus heals man with dropsy (Luke 14:1-6)
  • Jesus commands us to invite PWDs to our social gatherings (Luke 14:12)

The day became more meaningful when the participants made their Reflection.  Some staff expressed their souls as they affirmed their conviction to be firmer in becoming a resilient, humble, compassion, focused and Christ-driven public servant, no matter what politics, changes and challenges, as well as their realization for their love to work and giving assistance to the PWD Sector even beyond office hours. The others reflected on their wrong doings and being stubborn to their parents while some realized the need to accept  the shortcomings of their co-employees to understand them.

This special day was culminated with the singing of “No Man is an Island” by the staff while holding hands to symbolize unity and cooperation among the group.

As  a  closing  remark,  IDC  Member,  Ms. Florita  J.  Bisco,  thanked Ms. Kapunan for her spiritual sharing of the teachings of Jesus.  She gifted the latter  with a token from the Council.Ms. Kapunan while receiving the Token of Appreciation from Ms. Floree Bisco - Planning Officer III of NCDA

In the evaluation done by the Committee, the staff congratulated IDC and FAD for conducting this high-impact project. They also shared their learnings from the Talk and  the Movie,  gave ratings on the speaker/topic/activity, venue, equipment used and food served, and their  recommendations for similar activity in the future, as shown in Annex A.





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