disability resource and
development center (DRDC)

Accessibility Under One Roof

Persons With Disabilities and their companions pose in front of DRDC building

Accessibility model hub

DRDC is envisioned to model for the creation of inclusive physical environment, policies and programs for their constituents with disabilities which should be replicated in their local government units.

The NCDA shall work together with all stakeholders in enhancing access of persons with disabilities to health and rehabilitation services, including assistive devices and technology, information and communication technology, quality inclusive education, decent fork and full participation in political and public life.

we offer...

NCDA's Mike Limon conducts a training at the multi-purpose conference room

Multipurpose Conference, training center, and meeting rooms

for stakeholders’ activities that will demonstrate assistive devices and technology

Accessible ramp at the Penthouse floor overlooking Quezon City skyline

Accessible Ramps

ramps from the ground floor to the rooftop and other accessibility features for persons with different types of disabilities

Books and other reading materials are displayed in book shelves


that is accessible to all types of persons with disabilities

Modern desktop computers are being blessed by a Catholic priest

Computer Center

that models e-disability resource portal which will hold data bank information and communication technology

Room filled with two wheelchairs and an accessibility device with paintings and display cabinet

Rehabilitation Device Center

supported by professionals and rehabilitation specialists showcasing technology in practice of rehabilitation

Two wooden double-decked beds with dress cabinet

Accessible Dormitories

equipped with accessible facilities and comfort rooms compliant with Batas Pambansa Blg. 344

our mission

  • implementation of capacity building activities;
  • provision of resource augmentation, both financial and technological resources,
  • monitoring and evaluation through the conduct of research and disability data collection to improve coordination, effectiveness, and efficiency of all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to persons with disabilities;
  • whenever possible, organize or strengthen organizations of persons with disabilities to achieve their full participation
Three tables lined in semi-square with microphones on top and the audio/video control instruments on the side




How to Make a Reservation at the DRDC


Send a letter of request addressed to:

Executive Director III
National Council on Disability Affairs
NCDA Bldg., Isidora St.
Brgy. Holy Spirit, Diliman, Quezon City

Please include the following information in your request letter:

  • Name of Organization/Office/Company
  • Purpose of Reservation (Type of Activity and Title of Activity)
  • Inclusive Dates
  • Facility/-ies Requested
  • No. of Persons
  • Contact Information

You may email your request to council@ncda.gov.ph.


Wait for an acknowledgement. You may check the status of your request by calling at (632)8932-6422 or (632)8277-6846 after. Availability/unavailability of the facility will be confirmed via SMS or email.


Fill-out the DRDC-Reservation-Form (Available at the Finance and Administrative Division or downloadable at the www.ncda.gov.ph) and submit to NDCA via email or in person.

We are here!


Wait for the quotation which will be sent via email based on the details provided in the initial email request and/or the NCDA Reservation Request Form.


Make an initial payment of at least fifty per cent (50%) upon or before the arrival at the NCDA. An official receipt will be issued upon initial payment at the Cashier’s Office.

  • Expenses incurred after the initial payment will be billed upon checkout or after the event/activity.
  • Reservation will only be confirmed upon settlement of initial billing.