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Governing Board Members

Department of Social Welfare and Development Official Logo


Secretary, Department of Social Welfare and Development
Chairperson, NCDA


Undersecretary, Department of Labor and Employment [...] 

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NCDA Mandate

NCDA is created by virtue of E.O. 709 under the Office of the President and by virtue E.O. 33 attached to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.  The NCDA is mandated to be the government policy-making, planning, monitoring, coordinating and advocating for the prevention of the causes of disability, rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities in the concept of rights-based society for persons with disabilities and lead in the implementation of programs and projects. […] 

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Value of Statement

Value Statement

  • Work with integrity, accountability and professionalism
  • Foster sense of community and stakeholdership on the disability agenda
  • Respect the rights and unique experience of PWDs
  • Sense of quest for excellence as disability technocrats
  • Promote equity and opportunity
  •  […] 

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    Organizational Structure


    The NCDA is an agency attached to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). It is composed of a Governing Board headed by a Chairperson and its Secretariat, the members of which are heads or representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and of persons with disabilities (PWDs) as well as civic and cause-oriented organizations. […] 

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    Thrusts and Directions

    1. Maintains and strengthens coordination and networking with local government units, non-government organizations, people’s organizations and other concerned agencies and get their commitment to implement programs in line with national and international mandates on disability; […] 

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    Objectives of the Council

    1. To formulate and advocate policies according to internationally and nationally accepted standards in the areas of prevention of the causes of disability, rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).

    2. To develop, promote and regularly review the national plan for the prevention, rehabilitation, full participation and equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities.

    3. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies, plans and programs.

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    Powers and Functions

    1. Formulate policies and propose legislations concerning the rights and well being of disabled persons, and lead in the implementation of programs and services concerning the same; […] 

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    Historical Background

    Based on historical accounts the government’s concern for the disabled persons began as early as 1917 and the national concern for rehabilitation was manifested by non-government organizations as well. On January 16-20, 1978, the country hosted the Second International Conference on Legislation Concerning the Disabled organized by the Rehabilitation International’s national affiliate, the Philippine Foundation for the Rehabilitation for Disabled Persons (PFRD). During the said conference, President Marcos signed P.D. No. 1509 creating the National Commission Concerning Disabled Persons (NCCDP). NCCDP was tasked to prepare and adopt an integrated and comprehensive long-term National Rehabilitation Plan (NRP). […] 

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    Vision Mission


    “All persons with disabilities are able to attain their fullest potential and to become active contributors and participants in nation-building”


    To provide direction to all stakeholders through policy formulation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of all activities to “MAKE THE RIGHTS REAL” for all. Continue Reading