Various government agencies collaborated in evaluating Accessibility for people with disabilities in Calapan City Port and Vessel. It was led by NCDA Director Don Fradejas and Accessibility Consultant Architect Armand Michael Eustaquio with the help of MARINA, PPA, Philippine Coast Guard, DOT, and Accessibility Advocate Ms. Veneranda Mateo

The purpose of this project is to ensure the correct guidance, knowledge and effective fulfilment of ports and vessels in Batas Pambansa (BP) 344 or Accessibility Law and the Universal Design (UD).

One of its initiatives is to check the availability of ramps on ships and buildings, the correct size of elevators, passageways, the correct design of toilets, access symbols, etc. In this way, our brothers and sisters with disabilities can be informed of any progress or fulfilment and if a recommendation/solution is needed in the examination of the said port.

This program is continuously implemented by NCDA with the support of partner government agencies.

Calapan personnel assists person in wheelchair