Congratulations to the OVERALL TOP 4 youth with disabilities who won in the recently conducted 2023 National IT Challenge (June 26 and 27) at the Bayview Park Hotel, Manila.

The following winners are (in no particular order):

  • Jethro P. Marzado – Zamboanga del Sur
  • Jance S. Cerdeñola – Quezon, Isabela
  • Mark Andrei G. Molina – Carmona
  • Vince Robert H. Bandin – Carmona

A total of 30 youth with disabilities completed the two-day IT Challenge with five categories: eLifeMap, eTool Powerpoint Presentation, eTool Excel, eContent (Movie Making) and eCreative Smart Car (Robotics).

The passers from each category are the following:

eLifeMap (6 passers)
  1. Jethro P. Marzado
  2. Jance S. Cerdeñola
  3. Vince Robert H. Bandin
  4. Mark Andrei G. Molina
  5. Kiluah Orbit-Roy D. Ringor
  6. Mark Raven D. Balintong
eTool Excel (4 passers)
  1. Mark Raven D. Balintong
  2. Jance S. Cerdeñola
  3. Jethro P. Marzado
  4. Zaff Collin T. Managuit
eTool Powerpoint Presentation (6 passers)
  1. Vince Robert H. Bandin
  2. Joanna Faye C. Torzar
  3. Jance S. Cerdeñola
  4. Jethro P. Marzado
  5. Andriana Romina M. Domingo
  6. Zaff Collin T. Managuit
eContent (6 passers)
  1. Mark Andrei G. Molina
  2. Dave P. Soriano
  3. Jethro P. Marzado
  4. Chena Mae C. Alagon
  5. Jenna P. Acuña
  6. Jance S. Cerdeñola
eCreative (14 passers)
  1. Jance S. Cerdeñola
  2. Vince Robert H. Bandin
  3. Jethro P. Marzado
  4. Kiluah Orbit-Roy D. Ringor
  5. Mark John B. Reynosa
  6. Jenwayne Glen V. Carpio
  7. Bagane O. Panangin
  8. Dave P. Soriano
  9. Joanna Faye C. Torzar
  10. Mark Andrei G. Molina
  11. Mark Raven D. Balintong
  12. Noel Leonard P. Acuña
  13. Nova Mae C. Aranas
  14. Renz C. Baring

The NCDA would also like to extend our gratitude to our partner agencies, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), National Youth Commission (NYC), and the 16 LGUs who participated in this competition.

Also, we thank the trainers who extended their knowledge and conducted assessment for all the IT Challenge categories.

The overall top 4 youth with disabilities will be competing this year in the 2023 Global IT Challenge in Abu Dhabi.