The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) employees will conduct a medical mission to its persons with disabilities constituents living or residing in Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City in coordination with Kaagapay ng PWD ng Holy Spirit Inc. (KAAGAPAY) on November 07, 2022.

Persons with Disabilities of Barangay Holy Spirit encounter the presence of physical, attitudinal, institutional, and information barriers particularly on accessibility, availability, appropriateness, and affordability on health care services. Hence, addressing these barriers may only be attained through the NCDA’s initiative to collaborate with multi-sectoral stakeholders that would create awareness and linkages towards achieving disability-inclusive health programs and services within the barangay level.

The medical mission will provide free screening / assessments and booster vaccination for persons with disabilities particularly children with disabilities. These include basic physical examination, medical consultation, and check-ups as well as provision of medicines, vitamins and hygiene kits as well as intervention and referral system to minimize and prevent further disabilities.