The National Council on Disability Affairs, (NCDA) as the national government agency mandated to formulate policies and coordinate the activities of all agencies, whether public or private, concerning disability issues and concerns is commending the City of Manila through the hard work and outstanding leadership of its dynamic Mayor Francisco Moreno Domagoso colloquially named as “Yorme Isko” on its expose on the publication and proliferation of fake persons with disabilities and senior citizens Identification Cards (IDs).

Mayor Moreno thanked the netizens for their information on the said issue propelling them to launched an entrapment after gathering evidence to validate their claim. He reiterated that there is a punishment under the Revised Penal Code for holding fake documents and that it is the job of the State to protect the needs of those who have less in life and who should have more in law. He warned “Recto University” producing fake documents including fake IDS to be careful of what they are doing for they will bear the full force of the law.

In his closing statement Mayor Isko as he is fondly called requested for support of national government agencies to extend their help and support to the City of Manila as they can only do so much in tracking down notorious and criminal activities.

NCDA welcomes this development and call for other LGUS to be mindful of violators in their respective localities to protect the rights of legitimate persons with disabilities.

For inquiries, parties may call NCDA at Telephone No. (632) 89324342; email  at or visit its website: