This is a new series of intervention resources entitled “Development of Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”. It is recommended for children who have severe difficulties in understanding texts. It consists of three parts with a brief theoretical background and various practice activities. The third part of the series describes seven levels of intervention of scaling difficulty. The material has been developed and tested in clinical practice with excellent results, depending on learners potential.

The e-book “Development of Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” Part 1 is also valuable for both specialists and parents who want to help children develop reading comprehension skills in a systematic, enjoyable and effective way.

According to scientific research, children acquire decoding and reading comprehension skills at the same time, but each skill develops independently of the other. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually develop decoding skills, but have difficulty with reading comprehension. They can identify words relatively more easily than understanding what they have read. This may be attributed to the fact that comprehension is a more abstract skill than decoding.

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