The 2nd International Paradelphic Games in Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation is calling for persons with disabilities to compete in the eight categories of arts: music, fine arts, audio-visual, theatre, literature, circus art, song and dance in 11-17 November 2018. The organizers will shoulder expenses for food, accommodations, local transfer within Izhevsk, cultural tours, and business programs, while international and domestic air transfer and other travel expenses will be borne by participants/sending party.

This 2nd International Paradelphic Games is under the auspices of the National Paradelphic Committee of Russia (NPCR) thru the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, the call for persons with disabilities to participate and compete in the said international games is the desire of the Philippine Government to create more opportunities and their integration into the mainstream of the disability agenda in the programs of government agencies, and non-government organizations thus paving the way to a bigger and more meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in the international arena.

The Paradelphic Games was first held in 2016 as an international project of the Russian Federation to unite and create a collaborative world gathering creative and gifted persons with disabilities regardless of gender, age, race, religion, and nationality and serves as an inclusive platform for highest achievements of persons with disabilities in the sphere of culture and art.

Interested participants may wish to directly coordinate with Ms. Oksana Prikhodko at email or Additional information on the event can be accessed at Deadline for submission of applications is on 30 June 2018.