This program aims to provide an opportunity for young people with disabilities who wish to become community leaders in Asian and the Pacific countries/regions. It was first initiated in 1999 as a project commemorating the United Nations Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993-2002).

The uniqueness of this invitation program is that the applicants do not need any official recommendation from the government or other organizations, and that it is completely open to anyone, without any restrictions on educational or occupational backgrounds. In addition, the training period of around ten months is conducted in Japanese or Japanese sign language so that the trainees can deepen understand Japan and Japanese culture.

Besides, since trainees from different countries/regions study together, they can build up network beyond the different types of disability, thus they are expected to become active leaders in the future.

Qualifications of applicants

  1. Persons with disabilities who wish to contribute to their communities as leaders in future
  2. Persons who are between 18 and 29 years of age. No education history or prior work experience is required
  3. Persons who are able to complete the 10 month long training program and adapt themselves to Japanese life
  4. Persons who are able to communicate either in Japanese (or Japanese sign language) or in English (or American sign language)
  5. Persons who are able to carry out their activities of daily living without assistance
  6. Persons who are able to have interviews in their own countries/regions
  7. Persons who are able to plan and carry out their own training program
  8. Persons who are able to take responsibilities for all risks, including unexpected accidents

Download the application here