S – Start your day with a smile.
E – Encourage yourself even for a while.
R – Remain simple but create your own style.
V – Value your work… It’s like walking a thousand mile.
I – Inculcate value that is empowering.
C – Communicate with words that is inspiring.
E – Equipped yourself with skills and learnings.
P – Protect an image that is worth-remembering.
R – Remind yourself that you are for others.
O – Open your eyes and try to look farther.
V – Visiting clients is keeping us closer.
I – In building friendship that will use forever.
D – Duty-bounded… I have to be alive.
E – Even if I work from Eight beyond Five.
R – Rain or shine… I have to survive.
S – So that my clients (PWDs) will not be deprived.