M – My little steps reminds me of my tasks
On the things I’ve done from morning until dusk
Dealing with people… I have to wear a mask
To hide my queries, I also have to ask

Y – Yesterday was a mirror of me to reflect and to think deeply
“Had I cared someone… Oppressed and weary
Or had I pushed him down to the level of reality.”

S – Silently, I tried to hold back and ponder…
“Am I really a service provider?”
“Am I really conscious on the needs of others or simply comply with the desires of my employer.”

E – Everyday’s work is routinary
especially when he immersed in the community
Mingling with others is a great opportunity
So we have to do it with the pride and agility

L – Loving our work is inspiring but… perspiring
For it entails hardships and even breathe taking
But if we accept it as life challenging
Then lucky we are to have this wonderful blessing

F – Fearlessly, I must serve with compassion
I have to look-up with God will and vision
Touching others’ lives is a noble mission
Entrusted to me for a good and humble reason.