My warmest greetings to the National Council on Disability Affairs as you spearhead the observance of the 37th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.

A truly inclusive society is distinguished by how it treats those on the margins; it ensures that all of its people, regardless of creed, station, or circumstance, have the tools to take part in nation-building and are given the wherewithal to maximize all the opportunities made available to them. The philosophy lies at the heart of my administration’s social welfare policy, as manifested in the programs that the government now steadfastly implements to uplift our disadvantaged countrymen.

This week’s observance highlights our collective efforts to encourage a genuine understanding of disability issues among Filipinos, mobilize widespread support for pertinent initiatives, We believe in their capacity to contribute in a meaningful way to move our country forward, which is why we support this year’s focus on securing the health of our differently-abled citizens as a means to guarantee their overall development and wellbeing.

So let us muster all of our strength in this final leg of our journey and establish a Philippines where the fruits of prosperity cascade to all, where every Filipino is capable of realizing his dreams and aspirations, and where no one is left behind as the nation proceeds towards an even more glorious future.

May your activities be fruitful and meaningful.


17 July 2015