In town to tap local counterparts for a 2013 “International Conference of the World Federation of the Deafblind” slated in the country, was a delegation led by Mr. Christer Nilsson, International Coordinator, the Swedish Association of the Deafblind. With him are officers of the Japan Deafblind Association Mr. Noboyuki Takahashi, Mr. Shinichi Hashima, and their deafblind interpreters Ms. Kana Hashimato, Ms. Momoko Haruno, Ms Kanae Hasumi  and English-Japanese interpreter Sachi Shirota.


Mr.Nilsson gives Conference details, Mr.Takahashi shows tactile signing and Mr. Hashima thanks NCDA.



Left photo: Mr.Bong Garcia and Mr. Purcil share project backgrounders and the above right photo shows the group marking all meeting agreements with a posterity shot.

Local experts Philippine School for the Deaf’s Principal Ms. Yolanda Capulong and Resources for the Blind’s Ms.Mila Wayno expressed support for the Conference and requested relevant details to guide the local team that would later assist in that world event.  These include the number of participants, venue, theme, program, international steering Committee and admin requirements, which Mr. Nilsson partially provided, complete details to be sent ASAP.

Acting ED Carmen Zubiaga, after a briefing on NCDA by DED Mateo A. Lee, Jr., assured the group that the Council would support the event and reiterated the need for the abovementioned info, including the possibility of funding local participants and other funding arrangements.

Mr. Nilsson admitted he felt ‘’scared’ of the big task when he had to take over Mr. Grandia who recently passed away, but was relieved after Ms. Carmen’s commitment to help, alongside partners present and to tap more, as soon as important inputs are in from the organizers.

As model, Mr. Noboyushi Takahashi gave a presentation of their Association’s programs for the Japanese deafblind, including technology and other communication tools, which highly impressed the group.