DILG Sec. Jesse M. RobredoEvery man’s champ. One with the Filipino people’s grief over his fatal accident, the Council laments the tragic loss of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, one of the well loved champions of persons with disabilities.  Not so long ago, just as he would not miss major events advocating the rights of the sector, he rooted for the PWDs active participation in the upcoming elections, shown above at the Fully Abled Nation (F.A.N.) launch at Shangri-la Makati.  No doubt, this humble and noble “man of the people, with and without disabilities” ,  will leave with us his indelible  mark as a sterling public servant. Read a copy of his speech posted on this link http://www.ncda.gov.ph/2012/05/dilg-secretary-robredo-keynotes-the-launching-of-the-fully-abled-nation/