CHEDRO 9 is an active member-agency of the Regional Council on Disability Affairs which is mandated as the governments’ focal agency on disability-related concerns at the regional level. As part of its commitment the office regularly attend the quarterly meetings of the RCDA, which is the working body to promote, implement and monitor various programs and projects for the sector. For SY 2011-2012 there are six (6) PWDs scholars of the Commission in region 9 among the many on-going grantees. Slots for persons with disabilities for scholarship is a continuing program every year. Some PWD graduates manifested their gratefulness to CHED and even write us letter of gratitude.

                Yearly, CHEDRO9 is a proud partner in providing social protection, economic development and in helping promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and the disadvantaged individuals, families an communities as a whole as we carry on the government programs in the education sector.

(Report  by: Ms. Evelyn Dolencio – Regional Programs Coordinator)