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The Philippines is honoured and proud to host the 2nd Asia Pacific CBR Congress on November 29 to December 01, 2011.

With the theme “CBR: Building Communities for Everyone”and Sub-Theme: “Mainstreaming Disability in the Development Agenda”, the 2nd AP CBR Congress will initiate the discussions on how CBR will be a meaningful tool in generating awareness and establishing the support mechanisms to ensure that persons with disabilities will enjoy their rights and the protection and respect of their dignity. Further, the Congress shall be able to develop guidelines on the CBR network direction to ensure the harmonization of domestic laws to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

The Congress aims to:

1. Promote the practice of community-based inclusive development in Asia-Pacific Region;

2. Promote multi-sectoral partnerships for the implementation of UNCRPD, MDGs and other development initiatives;

3. Promote the Asia-Pacific Network;

4. Explore the possibilities of forming the CBR Global Network.

Instructions/Details for the venue, call for abstracts, registration fee, accommodation and other concerns will be included in the second announcement. For programme information please contact CBM-CBR Coordinating Office at

The Philippine looks forward to welcoming you to this 2nd CBR Congress.

MATEO A. LEE, JR.Officer-in-Charge
National Council on Disability Affairs