In a letter dated January 8, 2010, NCDA scored Cebu Pacific as it joins the growing public dismay over its ill handling of a special child/passenger in a GMA news report last January 6, 2010. On that same flight, another Cebu Pacific passenger with special child also complained of being discriminated by the airline. This came at the heel of previous unresolved cases involving the same airline’s discrimination in handling passenger with disabilities.

It was a gross violation of the children’s and their families’ human rights, and the National Council on Disability Affairs and partners are one in condemning this act of discrimination.

NCDA, the country’s coordinating body on disability, created through Executive Order 709 under the Office of the President, has as its anchor programme the implementation of the CRPD, or the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. It also worked for the inclusion of this in the “National Human Rights Action Plan”, which the country is committed to fulfill.

In sync with the Commission on Human Rights and the Philippine Human Rights Committee, it is now rolling out a full blast campaign for an inclusive and “disabled-friendly” Philippines.