Procedures in ID Issuance to PWDs

NCDA Administrative Order No. 001 Series of 2008



1. Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9442 as amendment to Republic Act 7277, otherwise known as the     Magna Carta for Disabled Persons and For Other Purposes, these foregoing guidelines shall serve as     a mechanism for the issuance of a Person With Disability Identification Card.
2. These guidelines have been formulated by the National Council on Disability Affairs in coordination     with the Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare and Development, and Department of     Interior and Local Government as provided for in Rule IV, Section 6.11 of the IRR.
3. Identification Cards shall be issued to any bonafide PWD with permanent disabilities due to any one     or more of the following conditions: psychosocial, chronic illness, learning, mental, visual, orthopedic,     speech and hearing conditions. This includes persons suffering from disabling diseases resulting to     the person’s limitations to do day to day activities as normally as possible such as but not limited to     those undergoing dialysis, heart disorders, severe cancer cases and such other similar cases     resulting to temporary or permanent disability.
4. The Identification Card shall be the basis for the provision of certain special privileges and discounts     to bonafide PWDs in the Philippines in accordance with RA 9442.
5. PWD-IDCs shall served as proof for availment of discount to ensure that persons with disabilities shall     fully enjoy the benefits and privileges as provided for in RA 9442.

COD – Certificate of Disability
DILG – Department of Interior and Local Government
DOH – Department of Health
DOH-PPWDRS – Department of Health-Philippine PWD Registry System
DSWD – Department of Social Welfare Development
LGU – Local Government Unit
MC – Medical Certificate
NCDA – National Council on Disability Affairs
PWD-IDC – PWD Identification Card
PWD-RF – PWD Registration Form
PWD – Person With Disability
SWDO – Social Welfare Development Office


These guidelines on the issuance of PWD-IDC relative to Republic Act 9442 aim to:

1. Provide guidance to all local government officials, licensed physicians, local health officers, and     government agencies in the issuance of PWD-IDC for the privileges and incentives provided for by     R.A. 9442 to PWDs.
2. Facilitate monitoring by the appropriate government agency the use of the PWD-IDC.
3. Protect the establishments from illegitimate claims or fraudulent practices on the use of the PWD-IDC.
4. Ensure PWDs an easy availment of the privileges by providing the establishments a way to     immediately identify the beneficiaries.


A. The Local Government Unit of the City or Municipal Office shall implement these guidelines in the
    issuance of the PWD-IDC.
B. The City or Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office shall:
    1. Reproduce/Print the PWD-RFs to be filled out by the PWDs in accordance with the DOH Philippine         Registry Form for Persons With Disability.
    2. Reproduce/Print the PWD-IDCs.
    3. Distribute the PWD-IDCs to their respective city executive’s office, municipalities, or barangays who         shall take custody of the ID cards.
    4. Enter or encode the data from the approved PWD-RF as forwarded by the City or Municipal Mayor,         or Barangay Captain.
C. PWD-RFs or application forms can be obtained from any of the following registration centers or     means:
    1. Office of the Mayor
    2. Office of the Barangay Captain
    3. NCDA or its regional counterpart
    4. DSWD offices
    5. Participating organizations with Memorandum of Agreements with the DOH
    6. DOH Online Registration –

D. Issuance of the appropriate document to confirm the medical condition of the applicant is as follows:
    Disability Document Issuing Entity
    Apparent Disability Medical Certificate Licensed Private or Government Physician
    School Assessment Licensed Teacher duly signed by the School Principal
    Certificate of Disability
    • Head of the Business Establishment
    • Head of Non-Government Organization
    Non-Apparent Disability Medical Certificate Licensed Private or Government Physician

E. PWD Registration Forms and ID Cards shall be issued and signed by the City or Municipal Mayor, or     Barangay Captain. The City or Municipal Mayor, or Barangay Captain shall:

    1. Use the NSCB Philippine Standard Geographic Code and sequential numbering system in the         issuance of the PWD ID Number. Format is <> where:
        RR = 2-digits Region Code
        PP = 2-digits Province Code
        MM = 2-digits Municipality Code
        BBB = 3-digits Barangay Code
        NNN = 3-digits Sequential No.

1. Issuing Facility NSCB Philippine Standard Geographic Code PWD ID No.
    City of San Fernando, Pampanga 13-5416-000 13-5416-000-001
    Municipality of Apalit, Pampanga 03-5402-000 03-5402-000-001
    Sucad Barangay, Apalit, Pampanga 03-5402-013 03-5402-013-001
2. Ensure that the PWD ID No. is sequentially assigned or distributed to each PWDs.
3. Keep a record of all PWDs with ID Numbers issued and with the following data sets:
    1. ID Number
    2. Name of the PWD (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)
    3. Complete Address
    4. Date of Birth

F. The DOH shall maintain the system and database of the DOH-PPWDRS in coordination with the     NCDA, DSWD, DILG and LGUs. The official website is

Any bonafide person with permanent disability can apply for the issuance of the PWD-IDC. His/her caregiver can assist in the application process. Procedures for the issuance of the ID Cards are as follows:

A. Completion of the Requirements. Complete and/or make available the following requirements:
    1. Two “1×1” recent ID pictures with the names, and signatures or thumb marks at the back of the         picture.
    2. One (1) Valid ID
    3. Document to confirm the medical or disability condition (See Section IV, D for the required         document).

B. Obtaining and Filling up of the PWD Registration Form. Obtain and fill up the PWD-RF using any of     the following means:
    1. Accomplishing the PWD-RF manually:
        a. Obtain the form from any of the PWD Registration Centers.
        b. Fill up accurately and completely the form.
        c. Affix one (1) ID picture on the accomplished form, and staple the other ID picture with the             PWD-RF.
        d. Attach copy of the document to confirm the medical or disability condition with the PWD-RF.

2. Accomplishing the PWD-RF using the Online Registration System:
        a. Log in to the DOH-PPWDRS and access the online registration.
        b. Enter accurately and completely the required PWD registration data.
        c. Print the accomplished form.
        d. Affix one (1) ID picture on the accomplished form, and staple the other ID picture with the             PWD-RF.
        e. Attach copy of the document to confirm the medical or disability condition with the PWD-RF.

C. Submission of the Accomplished PWD-RF and Issuance of the PWD-IDC. Submit to the City or     Municipal Mayor, or Barangay Captain the accomplished PWD-RF with the attached requirements.     The City or Municipal Mayor, or Barangay Captain shall:
        1. Check and/or verify the data and document to confirm the disability or medical condition of the             applicant.
        2. Assign a PWD ID Number (See Section IV, E) and affix on the PWD-RF.
        3. Fill up the data required on the ID Card.
        4. Issue the ID Card to the PWD.
        5. Submit the Accomplished PWD-RF and attached requirements and/or documents to the City or             Municipal Social Welfare Development Office for data encoding into the DOH-PPWDRS.

        1. The PIC issued to the PWD shall be valid for three (3) years.
        2. The initial PIC is free of charge.
        3. Renewal due to expiration, loss or damage shall be charged a minimal fee for the new PIC.

The PIC shall serve as the Standard National Identification Card for PWDs, and shall be prescribed as proof of availment of the 20% discount and other benefits to persons with disabilities as provided in RA 9442. (See Annex B for the facsimile of the PIC).

Abuse by any person, corporation, institution and/or entity on the use of the PIC is punishable by law or can be penalized subject to the discretion of the ruling court.


Approved by:


April 23, 2008
Quezon City